Style 830:  Two-Piece Evening Outfits

One Bodysuit    Three Great Looks !!

Farida Wong Dancewear  Evening Wear 830
Combining our fashionable and timeless
halter bodysuit with 3 different skirt styles.
For practice or for the party-goer.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

(A)  Flared Skirt + Halter


$330 Cdn  ( )

(B)  Asymmetrical Skirt + Halter


$275 Cdn  ( )

(C)  Stretch Slit Skirt + Halter


$265 Cdn  ( )

Or buy all three looks  ( 1 Bodysuit + 3 Skirts )
for only $550 Cdn  ( )

Various Pieces Also Sold Separately . . .
FW Thumb 210
FW Thumb 332
Skirt 332
FW Thumb 336
Skirt 336
FW Thumb 337
Skirt 337

NOTE:  Some Evening Wear may be available in additional colours and fabrics.
For further information, please contact us.

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